Crutches For Kids and Junior Adults - Ergobaum Junior (Pair)



Ergobaum's Latest 3rd Generation Kids & Junior Adult Crutches are perfect fit between 3'9 and 5'

The first ergonomically designed, pain-free kids crutches with shock absorbers, LED lights, and more

If you've got an injured kid, you know how hard it is to find a good pair of crutches. The ones the doctor gives you are usually painful and don't fit kids' frames very well. That's why these kids' crutches are nothing short of a medical revolution. An ergonomic design makes using these crutches pain-free. And the shock absorbers provide even more useful comfort, at a time when your kid needs it the most. So don't miss out on this incredible deal--order these crutches for your special lil' one today!

Includes 2 crutches
• Made from medical-grade aluminum
• Ergonomically designed and pain-free for kids
• Features shock absorbers for comfort
• Powered by 6 AG13 batteries; 3 for each crutch (replace with LR44, G13, SR44w, or AG13 batteries)
• Built-in LED lights
• Adjustable angles • For kids measuring between 3'9" and 5' in height
• Measures 34" x 9" x 4" • Weighs 6.5lbs • Available in your choice of Black, Blue, or Pink
The Ergobaum Crutch for kids and Junior Adults was introduced to improve the quality of life of patients who require medical assistive products to support their daily lives. A prestigious Orthopedic Surgeon with over thirty years of medical experience is the designer of the product in the United States. The product features a series of innovative add-ons to facilitate and enhance the use of crutches, improving the comfort, safety, and quality of life of each user of the Ergobaum Crutches. These crutches are manufactured with the newest and highest quality materials along with top quality management for quality assurance. The Ergobaum Crutch is the newest, most revolutionary crutch in the market, over performing the competition by improving the comfort of walking on crutches while reducing any secondary injury as a result of using conventional walking assistive devices.
Smaller in size, the Ergobaum Crutch for Kids and small sizes are equally manufactured with the same state-of-the-art technology and materials as of the larger version. A smaller cuff, handle, and body provides the right size for kids and small persons, delivering comfort, technology, and elegance.

Features + Benefits:

    • Forearm Crutches with Double Shock Absorber Systems (Grip & Tip).

    • Safety light reflectors.

    • Retractable leg-rest platforms

    • LED lights for enhanced night vision.

    • Panic buttons ("Horn Button").

    • Fully Adjustable Grip positioning & height levels. 

    • Anatomic Ergonomic Grip Handle.

Note : Maximum weight limit 250 lbs. Please read user testimonials below

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