Crutch Tips For All Terrain- ErgoCap High Performance (A015)



High Geared Crutch Tips For Outstanding Stability and Higher Level Of Grip On Most Surfaces and Terrains. The ErgoCap High Performance is a perfect fit for those crutch users looking for an all-terrain, universal tip that is equipped with the latest technology in crutch tip performance. ErgoCap fits all standard tubes up to 80mm and is universal, designed for 99% of crutches, canes, or standard tube mobility devices. Patented Technology The Ergocap is the only Crutch Tip in the market that effectively emulates the foot and ankle joints, providing a proper posture while delivering stability at any angle. The Ergocap by Ergoactives contains four anti-slippery ailerons with flaps for balance and support. The Ergocap promotes a perfect gait, as it makes the user walk in a Heel-Flat-Toe manner, providing a proper posture and reducing unnecessary pain. Ergocap also contains a 360-degree neck tip that adjusts as the user walks with crutches. This way, the user does not require extra strength to maneuver the crutches and does not have to place excessive force on the shoulders to walk on crutches. Overall, Ergocap is an extremely robust and durable crutch tip on all types of terrain, supporting heavy loads/weight and handy for all types of crutches. ・Ergocap is a patented rubber crutch tip that features a circular base with four ailerons springing from the base for gripping on surfaces more effectively, especially on wet or humid surfaces. ・The four anti-slippery ailerons springing from the base of the crutch tip can flex up to thirty degrees. This way, the Ergocap emulates the movement of the foot and ankle joints, perfecting the gait, moving in a heel-flat-toe fashion. ・The Ergocap introduces a special part of the rubber called the neck, with a circumference that provides the perfect movement to emulate the foot and ankle articulations, promoting a perfect gait (Heel-Flat-Toe). ・ The two alliances of the four shock absorber ailerons that spring out of the base of the Ergocap and the neck of the crutch tip allow the Ergocap to be the first and only crutch tip on the market that emulates the two articulations of the foot and ankle with just a single movement. ・Made out of the strongest rubber in the market, the Ergocap does not deteriorate as fast as other crutch tips in the market. It allows for longer duration without having to replace it as often as conventional crutch tips. Features & Benefits: Provides stability and balance at any angle in which it is positioned Reduces the vibration and impact with the ground A universal crutch tip that fits any crutch! Anti-Slip & promotes a perfect gait (Heel-Flat-Toe) How To Install Your New Tip • For proper installation of the ErgoCap Winter, take out any old or worn crutch tips from your crutch or cane. • Please use a sponge or towel to cover the Crutch Tip. Proceed by pushing down on the tip towards the base of the crutch, and make sure it is completely fitted with respect to the base. • The ErgoCap High-Performance Crutch Tip should be introduced in the circular base tube of the crutch. Please make sure that it is completely fitted with respect to the base of the crutch, and make sure it does not rotate or slide from the base of the crutch. Fig 2 Plastic Adaptor For Other Crutch Brands Included with your tips and in case you need it, you will find a plastic adaptor ( Fig 6). Please place it inside the Ergocap tip as shown in the illustration (Fig 7). It will prevent other Non-Ergoactives devices to cut into the rubber.

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