Core Products Thermal Core Heater Only 1/Case (THM-2510)

Core Products

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Core Products Thermal Core Heater Only 1/Case (THM-2510)

Thermal Core® Heater 

The unique design of our Thermal Core Pack Heater makes it efficient and resistant to corrosion. The seamless rounded corners of the interior tank and innovative heating element design minimizes bacterial growth and make cleaning quick and easy. Constructed from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, the insulated double-wall construction provides superior heat retention and efficiency.

The Thermal Core Pack Heater is large enough to accommodate any size thermal pack including oversized. Removable lid can conveniently be used as a work station or drip tray, and wire rack can be removed for easy cleaning. Designed to maintain packs at 160° Fahrenheit with a range of 155°– 165°. The heater comes with a 3 Year Warranty!

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