Core Products TearDrop Pillow (LTC-5131)

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Core Products TearDrop Pillow  (LTC-5131)

Side sleeping aligns the head and neck and relieves pressure on the back and vital organs.

Make the Transition! The Teardrop Pillow helps even the most die-hard stomach sleepers transition to a healthier sleeping posture.

Stomach sleeping unnaturally stresses the neck,shoulders, back and vital organs, yet is difficult to correct since stomach sleepers desire stomach warmth and support.

The Teardrop Pillow angles stomach sleepers off their stomachs while maintaining that reassuring feeling of warmth and support

  • Provides leg spacing and torso support for proper spinal alignment. 

  • Helps stomach sleepers transition to side sleeping by maintaining stomach warmth and support. 

  • Great for all body sizes. 

    Size - 6" x 10" x 28" 
    Content - Viscoelastic Memory Foam
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