Core Products Seat Comfort Pad (Use #5125) (LTC-5150 ( DC))

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Core Products Seat Comfort Pad (Use #5125)  (LTC-5150 ( DC))

Seat Comfort Pad - Comfortabe Padding For Prolonged Use

This accessory helps protect from pressure points and the discomforts and dangers of decubitus ulcers. Designed to cover entire seating area, to enhance comfort and minimize pressure points. Reversible design features a soft cotton/polyester side and flips to a water repellent side to protect against incontinence. Filled with polyester fiberfill that is machine washable and long-lasting, resisting matting or bunching. Measures 18" x 20" 

  • Helps prevent decubitus ulcers
  • Water repellent covering for incontinence protection
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