Core Products Memory Plus Pillow (FOM-191)

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Core Products Memory Plus Pillow 4/Case (FOM-191)

Memory Plus™ Cervical Pillow Support Plus the Comfort of Memory Foam

This layered foam pillow offers a resilient foam base to help correct and maintain proper neck posture while a memory foam top cradles your head and provides a comfortable custom fit. Fits a standard pillowcase. Washable, plush fabric cover included. 18” x 14” (46cm x 36cm) with 3½” (9cm) and 4½” (11cm) lobes. 

Please note that memory foam by nature, conforms to the shape of pressure placed upon it. Therefore this pillow offers a gentle correction and accommodation. If you are looking for a more aggressive correction or accommodation we would suggest the Tri-Core Pillow.

Item Description

FOM191 Memory Plus Cervical Pillow

Care instructions

  1. Wipe foam with a damp cloth.
  2. Air dry.

Made in China

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