Core Products Maternity Support (3XL) (LSB-6090)

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Core Products Maternity Support (3XL) (LSB-6090)

Our Core Maternity Support Provides Extra Support and Helps Relieve Pressure on the Abdomen

Unlike other maternity supports, our Maternity Support creates an upward and inward lift, providing relief from strained muscles. By supporting the weight of the abdomen and transferring it to the spine, this support creates more comfort for both mom and baby. Elastic construction with soft, comfortable, hook and loop front panel to provide additional lift. Sized according to pre-pregnancy dress size. White. Available in S, M, L, XL or 2X.


Pre-Pregnancy Dress Size

  • Small 3 - 8
  • Medium 9 - 14
  • Large 15 - 18
  • X-Large 19 - 22
  • 2X 23 - 26

Item Description

LSB6090 Maternity Support

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