Core Products Baby Hugger Super Lift (S-M/L-XL) (BBH-6905)

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Core Products Baby Hugger Super Lift (S-M/L-XL)  (BBH-6905)

The SuperLift  is an add-on 4" wide elastic strapdesigned to add EXTRA LIFT to a BabyHugger.

SuperLift is recommended for larger women, those carrying multiples and for anyone who needs significant extra lift.

Place this additional lifting belt where you need it on your tummy. Fasten to the main strap of the BabyHugger near the X in back ... on the same side or the opposite side - according to your comfort.

The SuperLift belt cannot be worn alone - it must attach to your BabyHugger

Sizing (measure at hips and around belly):

  • Small (32in - 37in)
  • Med/Large (38in - 52in)
  • X-Large (47in - 60in)
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