Core Products 2.5" Foam Cervical Collar Universal Black (CLR-6260)

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Core Products 2.5" Foam Cervical Collar Pillow Black  (CLR-6260)

Cervical Collar Foam for Soft Support

Made from 1” low density foam and covered with a 100% cotton stockinette, this collar provides mild support and beneficial proprioceptive feedback. Low contour design maintains the head in a neutral position and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion. One length fits most adult necks, up to 24” (61cm). To measure for height, keep head in neutral position and measure from tip of mandible to sternal notch.

Item Description

CLR6259 2” Cervical Collar - Black

CLR6260 2½” Cervical Collar - Black

CLR6261 3” Cervical Collar - Black

CLR6262 3½” Cervical Collar - Black

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