Comfortmax AFO (CK-289)

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Comfortmax AFO (CK-289) HCPC: L1951

Indicated for peroneal paralysis as well as ankle-joint arthritis and post-operative Achilles treatment, the Comfortmax AFO helps to limit plantar movement and provide a high energy return. Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, the Comfortmax AFO features a simple strapping system, making it easy to apply and adjust. Padded straps help keep patients comfortable, and the durable foot plate can handle weights of up to 285lbs.

Product Overview
Sugg HCPC: L1951
Peroneal paralysis
Acquired deformity of the foot and ankle
Post-operative Achilles treatment
Lightweight carbon fiber construction
Footplate provides high energy return
Handles weight up to 285lbs
    Part #     Size
    CK-289-2-L     Small Left (M 4.5- 7, W 6- 8.5)
    CK-289-2-R     Small Right (M 4.5- 7, W 6- 8.5)
    CK-289-3-L     Medium Left (M 7- 8.5, W 8.5- 10)
    CK-289-3-R     Medium Right (M 7- 8.5, W 8.5- 10)
    CK-289-4-L     Large Left (M 8.5- 11.5, W 10- 13)
    CK-289-4-R     Large Right (M 8.5- 11.5, W 10- 13)
    CK-289-5-L     X-Large Left (M 11.5- 14, W 13- 15.5)
    CK-289-5-R     X-Large Right (M 11.5- 14, W 13- 15.5)
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