Comfortland Suspension Sleeve (CK-007)

Comfortland Medical

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Comfortland Suspension Sleeve (CK-007) HCPC: L2397

The Comfortland suspension sleeve is the perfect addition for patients who regularly wear hinged knee braces. The lightweight cotton/lycra sleeve helps prevent braces from moving or sliding while the Neoprene lining adds to patient comfort and helps prevent skin irritation. This sleek, low-profile sleeve is designed to go under any hinged knee brace (L1832, L1843, L1845), and is universally sized; fitting nearly all patients.

Product Overview
Sugg HCPC: L2397
Brace migration
Skin irritation
Adding soft tissue compression
Cotton/ lycra construction w/ neoprene lining
Billable with all ROM knee braces
(L1832, L1833, L1843, K0901, L1845, K0902)
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    CK-007     One size fits all
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