Comfortland Back Brace (SI-100)

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Comfortland SI-100  (SI-100)

Comfortland SI-100 Indicated for Piriformis Syndrome as well as hip, upper leg, pelvic, and lower back pain, the SI-100 is designed to provide immediate pain relief and quickly restore functional mobility. With no irritating buckles or pads, the SI-100 utilizes elastic bands to provide compression, and can be worn for extended periods of time without causing muscle weakness or atrophy.

Product Overview
Sugg HCPC: L0621
Piriformis syndrome
Hip, pelvic, and upper leg pain
Low back pain
Low-profile design
Designed to be worn for extended periods without causing muscle atrophy
    Part #     Size
    SI-100-2     Small (32"-36" waist)
    SI-100-3     Medium (36"-40" waist)
    SI-100-4     Large (40"-44" waist)
    SI-100-5     X-Large (44"-48" waist)
    SI-100-6     XX-Large (48"-52" waist)
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