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Add-on unit for Pilot-24 PLUS CPAP battery used to extend the battery life

CO-PILOT 24 Add-on Unit is a cost-effective solution that doubles the capacity of Pilot-24 PLUS CPAP Battery/Backup Power Supply. The Co-PILOT connects to the Pilot 24 PLUS using the short connection cable, and these two units are held in place together by plastic brackets. All needed accessories are included in the package.

CO-PILOT 24 is not functional as a stand-alone battery.

Co-pilot 24 is compatible with Pilot 24 PLUS CPAP Battery / Backup power supply

Capacity: 98 Wh (allowed in carry on for air travel with most airlines)
Size & Weight: 19x12x2 cm, 1.8 lbs
Cell types: Industrial grade genuine rechargeable lithium ion cells
Output voltage: 24V
Approximate usage: Varies depending on the pressure and other settings of the PAP device.
Charging time: approximately 3 hours
Warranty: 1 year
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