Bilt-Rite Elbow Immobilizer Black (10-24500)


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Bilt-Rite Elbow Immobilizer Black 25/BX (10-24500)

This elbow immobilizer brace from Bilt-Rite Mastex Health provides elbow immobilization for ROM limitations which may be prescribed by a clincian post-surgery. You are able to trim the breathable foam in this hinged elbow brace for a customized fit. The hinge can be easily adjusted in 10-degree increments without tools (Flexion: 120° to 0° and Extension: 90° to 0°)

The loop lock strapping in this Bilt-Rite Mastex Health elbow brace is also trimmable to allow for superior fit

Length can be adjusted from 19” to 16”

Universal post op elbow brace works for both the right and left arms



Color:BlackSize:One Size Fits All

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