LifeSupply’s Ecommerce Paradigm: Savvy Customers Embrace Convenient Access to Quality Wellness Products at Lowest Prices

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Behshad HastibakhshOver five years ago, LifeSupply pioneered the concept of offering the convenience of 24/7 access to home medical products in Canada, and has gradually expanded its operations into the United States.  While home medical equipment providers have traditionally worked with occupational and physical therapists to deliver services, LifeSupply has unleashed the innovative idea of leveraging online technology combined with a creative operational model to cater value based products directly to patients, caregivers and medical professionals.  The initial skepticism in the HME industry has been silenced by the overwhelming and enthusiastic response from savvy customers, who appreciate the opportunity to conduct independent research in the acquisition of wellness products at the lowest prices.

The ecommerce phenomenon is all about customer empowerment.  With the coexistence of ecommerce next to the bricks and mortar retailers, the HME industry has become increasingly customer centric and decision making powers have shifted from gatekeepers to caregivers and patients.  Shoppers can now explore various options, and make intelligent decisions based on personal preferences for quality and value.  LifeSupply has identified the limitless potentials of ecommerce, and forged partnerships with leading companies in the HME industry to meet customers’ high expectations.  LifeSupply has matured into a well-known and established brand that is associated with convenience, value and best-in-class quality.  With an inventory of over 50,000 brand name products in Canada and the United Stated, LifeSupply differentiates itself from bricks and mortar retailers by offering more goods for better value.

The ecommerce business model is never complete without enhanced privacy and security measures for end-users. and operate as independent virtual stores where shoppers create accounts, place orders and conduct secure transactions with PayPal and credit card.  Customer service is available via chat, email and over the phone.  For hygienic reasons, LifeSupply offers only new products, and there is no return or refund.  LifeSupply’s offerings include, but are not limited to, needles, syringes, walkers, scooters, bath safety, wound management and other products.  Shoppers benefit from free delivery with orders over $99 CAD on, and with orders over $79 US on           

“Recognizing customers’ tremendous appreciation for quality and value, we continue to explore the outer boundaries of the ecommerce paradigm with and”, said Ben Hastibakhsh, VP of Business Development of LifeSupply.  “Our out of the box approach is the key ingredient in our steady growth and success, as we add new wellness products to serve our savvy customer base”.  



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